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Alice McDowell, Ph.D., author, founder of the Hidden Treasure three year program, co-founder of Light on the Hill Retreat Center, is a workshop leader, spiritual counselor, and retreat guide, who is dedicated to helping others to awaken to their true selves, their divinity within. She has trained with healers, humanist and transpersonal psychologists, Sufi and Buddhist teachers, and Christian contemplatives.
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Hidden Treasure: The Book

Alice’s upcoming book, Hidden Treasure: How to Break Free of Five Patterns that Hide the True Self, is a compilation of her extensive knowledge and experience for more than thirty years.

In clear, accessible language, Hidden Treasure — the Book helps you become conscious of these patterns and break free of them.

The life-changing solutions in this book have worked for hundreds of the author’s students—of all ages and from all walks of life. If you’re ready to discover the real you and transform your life, you’ll love this book.

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The first step to discovering who you really are, is to find out who you are not.

We all operate with a combination of character types, which we learned as defenses as we grew up.

Most people have at least two patterns that strongly influence their lives

Take Alice’s questionnaire to discover your character patterns and discover your character pattern.

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Alice founded the three year Hidden Treasure Program in 1998.

This group program helps bring awareness to those ego defenses, mental programming, fixed beliefs, and energetic blocks that hide the true Self.

Hidden Treasure: The Program

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Alice and her husband Larry founded Light on the Hill Retreat center, on a magical 236 acre property of woods, streams, gorges, and walking paths, and offers panoramic views as distant as Pennsylvania.

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